About Time4Crypto

English is my native language, and I have worked as a systems analyst and technical writer for over 15 years. 
I am passionate about helping people understand  and embrace new technologies. Over the years, I have worked on many exciting projects, however, in my opinion, blockchain technology is the most exciting innovation that I have ever seen!

I believe It will disrupt every aspect of our modern world and propel us to a better way of life. 

All over the world, this disruptive technology is being developed by some of the most amazing, dedicated, and intelligent people on the planet! I want to work with you to realize the potential of this extraordinary technology!  

I have become obsessed with following the news and watching the ecosystem unfold.  ICOs, the lightning network, Casper, ERC20 tokens, cold storage, mining, staking, and more! It's so exciting to watch the ecosystems evolve and grow.  I am constantly researching this new industry, and the more I learn, the more I need to know.  The intricacies of this technology are complex and the challenges are multi-faceted - political, financial, technical, ehical, and moral issues are all arising simultaneously - we live in interesting times! 

For more information, visit my blog.   Here's wishing you success!